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The very heart of India, Central India is a land of diversity. Blessed with alluring green environs, ferocious wildlife, the heritage of ancient temples, tribals who live in symphony with nature and other mystical pleasures, the central region of India spellbinds visitors. The aesthetics of Khajuraho temple, the grandiose forts of Gwalior and the Ghats of the ancient land of Banaras, alight and brimming with life- the prominent ones amongst the diverse options that central india offers.

 It’s an opportunity to explore the many facets of central india. It’s the perfect repose with a balanced blend of heritage sites and majestic grandeur of ancient indian kingdoms. The heart of the country pulsates with the life and blood of its human resource.

Being in the middle of a country as diverse as India, Central India affords the best of all to its guests. Primary spanning across the previously biggest Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Central India is typically the hub of wildlife and there are hundreds of wildlife parks, sanctuaries within this region. 

Madhya Pradesh is referred to as the Heart of India. The region has almost everything that a tourist may seek during his/her holidays in India, be it lush dense forests or spectacular hills or ancient caves and temples or varied culture or rich heritage or diverse wildlife. Owing to the variety, Central India Tours is capable to please all types of tourists

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